2018 VR/AR 影视娱乐展



题目 【合作伙伴活动】XR:WA
作者 2019.05.27


July 6-14th


XR:WA is more than a gathering place for those working in digital screen-based art, entertainment, education, research and business, but extends is an “ideas market” for screen-based and immersive industries in Western Australia.
It provides the opportunity for the broader community to explore and experience these stunning immersive experiences and technologies against a backdrop of talks, exhibitions and access to the experiences and the makers themselves.

With a 9-day public exhibition program across the city and a 3-day conference and expo, XR:WA and its government, industry and academic partners, provide the local and national industry with the tools and platforms by which they can develop collaborations and networks but also meet those from other worlds of commercial and government finance, culture, publishers and “ideas acquisition” so as to develop an authentic and meaningful marketplace culminating in a public experience and celebration of WA’s screen sector.

XR:WA seeks to remove the barriers between cinema, art, industry, research, science and technology and entertainment yet work within that continuum, demonstrating the possibilities and linkages between all sectors.

In its conference format, XR:WA Includes multiple break-out spaces, individual exhibition rooms, a large conference exhibition floor, high-quality big-screen projection capability and access to other off-site state of the art screening and exhibition facilities. In its public exhibition it embraces experiences at galleries, museums and venues Perth.

In its entirety, XR:WA represents Australia’s newest and most holistic opportunity to explore and experience immersive technology from ground-breaking research to the industrially applicable of today, while providing a platform facilitating real business outcomes.

  • Pan Pacific Hotel
  • Fremantle Maritime Museum
  • Sunset Studios
  • Luna Cinemas
  • Studio Startup

Ph: + 61 (0)448 007 233
E: director@revelationfilmfest.org
W: www.xrwa.com.au
FB: https://www.facebook.com/xrwestaus

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